Running For Charity with Borneo Run

✓ Saving charity money

Run a race for a charity is a fantastically rewarding experience. Here is why you should consider running for charity, or whatever event you take part in.

After small fees from having you as part of the race team are covered, the money that you raise will be mostly profit going directly to the charity providing a welcome boost to their donations.

✓ Purpose

Beyond of the achievement after completing the race, running on behalf of charity will give you purpose for completing the event. If you are able to get you personal goal as well as rising valuable fund for a charity, this can add another effort to the challange 

✓ You are part of the group

In an event of Borneo Run which is the first ever held on Borneo, it will be the largest fundraising event on Brunei, there will be thousands of people all in the same boat. 

✓ Helping to raise awareness

High profile events such as marathons will have thousands of spectators as well as the potential for television coverage. This makes these events fantastic opportunities for a charity to raise awareness of their cause. Runners and support teams sporting branded clothing can help bring the charity to public consciousness and you can feel incredibly proud to be contributing to that.